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Don’t Run Ahead!

Are you competitive or an impatient person. I am. I always want to be the best in most areas of my life. I want to be the first to get it right, most of the time I want to run ahead. I do this allot when I want to get to a particular destination quickly, I sometime get out of the car the car and start walking off leaving my wife behind, where then she yells out “wait for me” and I’m like “oops sorry” and then I have to walk back to where I came from.

Many times we can find ourselves doing this with God. We think we have figured out what He want us to do so we run ahead. Or sometimes we receive new revelation about something (most likely by listening to a podcast) and then we think we have all the answers and run around telling everyone our  new amazing revelation. Only to find we have run ahead, forgotten something and we have to go back. The bible teaches us…

9Anyone who runs on ahead [of God] and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ [who is not content with what He taught] does not have God; but he who continues to live in the doctrine (teaching) of Christ [does have God], he has both the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:9  (Amplified Bible)

We are a consumer generation, when we are finished with one thing, we drop it and want the next. This is a principal that doesn’t work in the kingdom. We need to make sure that we don’t leave anything behind. We need to make sure we know the word of God. But many of us cant be bothered to read and study it…we rather listen to a preacher (which is good) or read a book about the Bible (also good). There are so many books we can buy out there by famous christian authors…they have attractive titles and sexy looking front covers. They may be a great read….but it does not replace the word of God. If you read a book and agree with everything without double checking it in the bible…your in trouble. If you have formed doctrinal beliefs about God without the Word of God backing you up….I’m afraid you have run ahead and need to go back where you came from and establish firm foundations before you can move ahead.